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I had a plan. Visiting one of my locations at 5:30 am, getting to the YMCA around 630am, running 4 miles, taking the car for a oil change appointment at 9:00am, and then driving to another location for a retirement celebration for a 42-year tenured employee. During my run I decide only 3 miles..and then I decide to take my car early and see if they would take it now..they did. So now I had extra time…what to do, what to do? I decided to go visit Sam’s club, just walk around and kill some time.

As I parked..skipping spaces in one row and going to the next…I heard a short sound of a siren. As I started walking to the Sam’s entrance directly in front of me was a fire truck, parked in the middle of the lane. The firemen were working to get into a SUV, trying to “pop the lock.” A policeman was also present. As I passed by the SUV, I spoke to a woman standing next to the SUV. “I’ve never seen fireman try to open a car for someone”, I said. “Is there a baby inside?”, I inquired. Yes, she said..I kept walking. It was obvious the situation was not yet critical because they were taking time to unlock the door. First responders were present, a window could be broken easily if needed. As I walked away I looked back and noticed the dealership was near, where the SUV had been purchased from. I called to see if perhaps a master key was available, gave them the VIN, but sadly no key was available.

I also noticed though the rear-view mirror…it was an On-Star mirror. I asked the owner if she had On-Star…she stated it had lapsed last year. I decided to call On-Star anyway. The operator had me read the VIN to her…she asked for a PIN…the owner gave me one that worked. The On-Star operator said for no one to touch the door handles. All this time the fireman had continued to try to “jimmy” the door to no avail.

I followed the operator’s lead and yelled out, “everyone stop, On-Star is going to unlock the lock.” Looking somewhat confused, they yet complied. One could hear the lock pop-up, the door was opened and the child was free. One of the fireman said, “Thanks man.”

To be clear, I didn’t save a life that day, but I did change the atmosphere of a situation. It was fearful and upsetting for the grandmother and mother of the baby. It was tense. When the door opened it was like letting the air out of a “tension balloon.”


Sometimes the solution is easier than it seems…

Don’t be afraid to speak into a situation…

You can change atmospheres….

Ask..the answer might be “yes”…..

You can make a difference…

I will wonder what happens the next time the first responders are called out to a vehicle with a child recently locked in a car…not critical life and death…but where there is time to get the child out safely. Will they look at the mirror? Will they call On-Star…will they look for a simpler solution? I hope so.

I walked away, after the mom and grandmother game me a hug, just giddy. Giddy that the Lord had directed my steps that morning. Running 3 miles instead of 4, having Toyota service my car an hour early, having me decide to go to Sam’s Club…..allowing me to notice a mirror, make a phone call, and to change the atmosphere of a situation!!

Proverbs 16:9, “A person may plan his own journey, but the Lord directs his steps.”


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