Musings from Leaf Burning:

A good, safe leaf burn has the leaves just smoldering – lots of smoke, no flame. It only takes an imperceptibly small amount of wind to cause the leaves to ignite into flame. And then the fire grows and begins to consume the pile of leaves.  Just as amazingly, it takes only a very little amount of water to dampen the fire down back to a smolder.
All it takes to create the fire is the right fuel, aided by the wind.
The Holy Spirit blows across the land, looking for a person, a church, a city that waiting for that imperceptible breath of God to cause the flame to ignite. Igniting to consume, to set aflame, to spread the flame.

And yet, just a little water will dampen the whole pile. “Quench not the Holy Spirit.” How prepared, how desirous are we for that imperceptible breath of God to set us aflame in revival?