“Operating Temperature”


I live across the street from a car dealer. I have lived here a while now and just recently I was able to “label” an observation I have made numerous times over the years I have lived here.

Not infrequently when getting in my car to go to work or somewhere, or walking to the mailbox, or cranking the lawn mower on a Saturday, I hear the sound of an engine. My neighbor, being a car dealer,  has an affinity for cars, especially a couple of sports cars he owns, or drives. What I was able to label the other day is this…he warms the engines up on these cars before he jumps in and drives them anywhere!  I know we mostly “know” we should do this, but he actually does it!! 

Now think about life. Many, if not most of us, “jump up out of bed and grab a comb across our head…” (Beatles reference)….rarely do we assume operating temperature before starting our days. What is the purpose of warming up that engine?? It allows for the oil to flow to critical areas before putting a strain on the engine to enter interstate speed traffic, it gives opportunity for things to expand as the temperature rises in the engine. Failing to allow for this warm-up can cause engine failure if too much is required of the engine, too soon!!

As we enter our day we need to be “lubricated” before the first strain of the day comes..it might be  person, a situation, or an unplanned event. And, we might find ourselves “heating up” before we have had a opportunity to prepare for such change. Given too much of a strain, too soon, we might find ourselves in our own “engine failure.”

In 2017, will you take time to “warm up to operating temperature” before jumping into your world for the day? If you aren’t a morning person, try preparing for tomorrow the night before, just before going to bed. This will allow your preparation to “marinate” while you sleep, perhaps give you better dreams and sleep.

Here are a few possible options to help you achieve “operating temperature”….

     1. Psalms, read 5 Psalms per day. January 1 (Psalms 1-5), January 2 (Psalms 6-10)..thru the end of each month. 150 Psalms in 30 days. Warning- Psalm 119 is really long, give extra time! 😉

     2. Proverbs, read the Proverb that corresponds to the day of the week.                                 January 1 (Proverbs 1), January 2 (Proverbs 2) etc……….

     3. ANYTHING in RED. The teachings of Jesus are a treasure trove of life-giving words for you!

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