It started in 1st or 2nd grade, her name was Kathy Barco, a cute little blonde. Then in 4th grade there was Rosemary Cakmis, her dad was a dentist, but they moved away! In late middle school there was Rhonda Guidry, she moved to Texas. In high school, Daphne McSwain, was the love of my life. We stayed together all through high school…that was such a blessing. So little drama, God’s help in avoiding so many temptations of high school love, and she had a really cool car. 😉  I remember the moment I knew out relationship was changed forever.                                             

However I had met a young lady the first day of college. We had been placed on a “Week-end Revival Team” with another freshman. The three of us prayed together daily, went to churches on various weekends to lead youth revivals. My heart was captured once again. It took many months of pursuit to get you to go out, thank you Sadie Hawkins Day!  Her name? Patti Judah Woods, (eventually of course) BTW, her and Daphne became good friends. Ask Patti about the day in the mall in Jacksonville when she and Daphne were shopping together!  

 For 31 years, today, we have been blessed as husband and wife. I am so happy you said “yes” that evening at Lake Yale with the hidden ring in the rose bud. You are such a blessing for me, and to me.   Wish I could buy you a fine ride, you deserve it…..wish I could buy you a ride actually. But I really cannot offer you much more today than I could the day we married….my love and my desire to follow Jesus wherever He might lead us!  I love you more today than yesterday, but less than I will tomorrow.