On March 8, 2014 I had unplugged from technology for a weekend to attend Outback America ( in Mobile, Al.

Upon returning to “civilization”, I soon learned of the missing airliner. Having served as a Summer Missionary in East Malaysia many years previous, this disappearance brought back many fond memories of the Malay people, and the many Chinese people too, that I had met and worshipped with so long ago.


Written on March 18, in the Daily Caller, ( we find the 9 top current theories around the disappearance of this flight. Reduced simply to a list they look like this:

1.  Flight 370 crashed en-route to Beijing

2. The plane flew on for hours and landed somewhere in the Indian Ocean

3. Malaysian Airlines pilots intentionally concealed the Boeing 777

4. Flight 370 was hijacked by terrorists posing as passengers

5. A fire caused the plane to crash while attempting an emergency landing

6. Someone with advanced aviation experience flew underneath radar

7. The Malaysian Airline Boeing 777 hid from radar behind another plane

8. A meteor struck the plane

9. Aliens


If this event would have occurred before the 1970’s, technology excluded, it simply would have been believed to have crashed. Into the ’70’s, the theory would of risen to the top of Hijacking , in the 90’s and especially after 9/11 – Terrorism always is a first thought for investigators. With that being said, both pilot and co-pilot are  being gone over with a “fine-tooth comb” looking for any connection to terror or terror groups. To date, the jury is still out – no smoking gun has been found. (This, of course, can change with any “Breaking News” alert)

There is, of course, the rest of the crew, and of particular interest to some, the two Iranians traveling with forged passports. Interestingly, the idea of traveling with a “forged passport” in that part of the world didn’t seem to raise very many “red flags.” Other passengers also could possibly be suspect, but to our knowledge, no one has stood out as a suspect.

With those thoughts in mind, let us consider another thought. Often we hear a question posed to us, “do you see a glass half-emptied, or do you see it half-filled?” Same question in this situation. We have largely been programmed to see “half-empty.” We quickly look to the pilot(s) as the guilty party. But what if,……..just if, the pilot(s) were heroes?!

Perhaps there was a struggle with a passenger(s), perhaps the cockpit was compromised, perhaps……..

Perhaps there was a biological pathogen that was released on-board……..perhaps……….


the captain and/or co-pilot was able to program this plane to fly into “never-never” land so that those malicious ones with ill intent could not possibly use Flight MH 370 as a missile, a bomb, or flying syringe to affect hundreds, thousands, or more !


All of this, too, could change in a moment with “Breaking News”, but for now, why don’t we consider the good in people, instead of so quickly seeing a person as “half-empty.”

Perhaps we can see others, our neighbors, the world differently…………………….perhaps!