4 Minutes

                I didn’t watch all the Zimmerman trial, but I watched a fair amount of it. And in the interest of full disclosure I must admit I have made my share of non-emergency calls to the police. I too could be called a “cop-want-to-be” as I was going into Law Enforcement before going into ministry full-time. Security work provided for me and my family in college and seminary. In other words, don’t drive past me recklessly and speeding on the interstate….cell phones are a beautiful thing!

                Perhaps the most riveting, powerful, and jury persuading moment of the Zimmerman trial came during the closing argument by Mark O’Mara.  He set the moment up using a time line chart. Mr. O’Mara connected the time that it was known that Mr. Martin was running away to the first 911 call from a resident concerning the encounter happening between Mr. Zimmerman and Mr. Martin. That time lapse – 4 minutes. In the courtroom there was 4 minutes of silence………creating an intense awareness of the time that Mr. Martin had to walk/run only 30-yards or so to his condo. 

4-minutes……….4 minutes……..4 minutes…… will never know what actually happened, but ponder this-

                What could you accomplish in 4 minutes?  In the next 4 minutes what will you do? 4 minutes…….

call your spouse and say, “I love you!”

                write your child(ren) a note and say how they “make you happy!”,

                                 post a Fb post to a friend to appreciate them,  

                                                send flowers to someone,

                                                                send an email to your pastor saying, “Thanks!”,

                                                                                call your spouse and say, “Please forgive me”,

                                                                                                Ask  Jesus into your life,

                                                                                                                Read the Bible,

                                                                                                                                P R A Y !

Do this now!! After your 4 minutes, would you please post what you did in the “REPLY” section of my blog????               4 minutes……4 minutes……4 minutes…. R E A DY – S E T – GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!