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34, Aneurysms, and Tombstones.



As I sat in the office of a business owner this week, he recounted an event that occurred just the week before in another town with an employee. We will call the employee “Greg”.

Greg became employed in January and had proven himself to be a good hire. Well-liked, leadership skills, and diligence all qualities found in “Greg.” A father of 3 young children, a wife who was reared in the country, somewhat “slow-of-learnin’,” but in love with her husband and her children.

At 34 years-old, things were looking up for the family. Then “aneurysm” visited the house. “Greg” passed suddenly and unexpectedly. A new widow, 3 fatherless children, zero income. No life insurance, non-existent family support, helpless.


This owner however is a Christ-follower.

     Does this make a difference?

          Will things be handled differently?

               Can the workplace be changed by the presence of Christ?

The widow has been placed on the payroll of the company that “Greg” worked for, and income is flowing. The widow had great concern about a “tombstone.” Whether country tradition, some wounding from her past, or ‘just the right thing to do”, she was very over-whelmed over the thought of “Greg” not having such a marker. She had no way to do it.

What happens? The Christ-following owner and his wife purchase the headstone out of their own funds. Purchased not out of the business account, not a collection from the employees, but sacrificial giving.

Christ-following owners, managers, and employees do make a difference in the workplace!