On Pendulums and

The volativity in the stock market over our recent history
and especially this week in August has been quite a ride. I know people, as I’m
certain you do as well, whose mood, outlook, and expectations are directly tied
to the market. All sense of future and sometimes immediate well- being are
anchored to the S & P, the DOW, and the Fox 50.  Pendulums are known for their swings. By
definition –

A pendulum is “a body so suspended from a fixed point as
to move to and fro by the action of gravity and acquired momentum.” (Dictionary.com)

This acquired  momentum is attached to so many factors that
we have no control over, and even no knowledge of in some cases. And yet many
people’s lives, perhaps even your life, is attached firmly to something that
changes in the extreme based on the whims, fears, and motivations of others.

Consider the concept of “plumb.”

2. True
according to a plumb line. 3 informal, downright, or absolute (Dictionary.com)

There is security in
this volatile world in which we find ourselves. God’s truth is “plumb!” His
words to his children are secure, faithful, and downright. We can stand
steadfast as we rest in Him. My mood, outlook, and expectations do not waver
with the markets when I am living near to the heart of God.

He is my peace, (Eph 3),
He is my provider(Gen 22:14), He is my truth (John 14).

When people around you
are shaken by the markets, you too can be strong and secure as you stand on the
Rock of all Ages.  Do you have faith in
God’s love for you? Do you know him as your Savior and Lord?

Amos 7: 7
Thus He showed me: Behold, the Lord stood on a wall made with a plumb
line, with a plumb line in His hand.