Just before leaving for Chicago – The Awakening Conference with Jesus Culture, we watched the movie, “The Adjustment Bureau.” (Worth watching by the way) In the movie people’s schedules and lives are adjusted to meet a bigger plan. Well on August 2nd, God’s adjustment bureau was at work. It all started one year ago…..(ADJUSTMENTS APPEAR IN RED)
My twins attended a Jesus Culture (this is a band) Conference in Atlanta with their youth group (http://www.facebook.com/magneticyouth Church, Daphne) last year. They returned so excited and pumped about the Lord. They told us of the conference next year in Chicago and that the youth group was planning to go. We decided then we would attend as well. In October I began to supply for Sonrise Baptist, and in January became Interim Pastor. this was God’s financial provision being supplied for trips this year in 2011.
Zach to Ireland, Patti to Cuba, Zoe to California, and the fam to Chicago! All mission or ministry oriented trips.
In the late Spring or so it was decided the youth group would not be going to Chicago, but we were still going as  a family. Originally planning to leave on a Sunday, we changed our date to a Monday, arriving in Chicago on a Tuesday. Why?? To meet Army Specialist Brown on a subway train from O’Hare Airport to Downtown Chicago.
But even before that happens, on the Amtrak train my wife strck up a conversation with a college student while Ezra, our 11-year-old watched on. After the conversation was over, he asked my wife, ” Why do you and Papa talk to random people?” She stated it was so we might have an opportunity to speak them about Jesus in some way.”
Read this FB post from Zoe for the rest of the story:
“Totally just watched my dad start talking to a guy on the monorail about Jesus.. He just got saved.”
Ezra’s statement to Patti as this was happening, “I get it now!”
Give the Lord a shout of praise!!!!