Dear Sonrisers,

I wanted to let you know, “one more thing.” It is so cool how God works. Because I was able to serve as your interim, the following events took place in my family’s life. Patti went to Cuba on her mission trip, helped led VBS for over 100 in that church, Zach ministered in Ireland for 3 weeks. There were salvations in both events. Zoe visited a Ministry School that she will likely attend in 2 years, perhaps one day we will be singing one of her worship songs or be listening to her on I -Tunes. The coolest part, you have a inheritance in the spiritual fruit that comes from these labors. 1 Samuel 30:24 says, “The share of the one who stays with the gear is the share of the one who fights—equal shares. Share and share alike!” From that day on, David made that the rule in Israel—and it still is. “(the message)
Thank you again for allowing me to serve you….